Don’t Make Money Your God, Tinubu Tells Nigerians

by J.J Olawuyi

President Bola Tinubu has called on Nigerians to collaborate in the effort to repair the country and foster a change in mindset towards money.

During a meeting on Monday with a delegation from the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), led by its president Archbishop Daniel Okoh at the State House in Abuja, Tinubu emphasized the need for CAN to contribute to anti-corruption advocacy and related issues.

According to a statement from his spokesman Ajuri Ngelale, Tinubu remarked, “We have no other country but Nigeria. If you do not preach the sermon of understanding, tolerance, perseverance, and hope for Nigerians, you are doing damage to the country, and nobody will help us repair it.”

Tinubu urged for a dialogue, emphasizing that public condemnation of the nation is not constructive, and he called on Nigerians to shift their mindset away from making money their god or master. He expressed optimism about Nigeria’s future, stating, “I believe we will get to the Promised Land, and Nigeria will flourish.”

Despite the multifaceted challenges confronting the country, Tinubu assured that his government remains steadfast and pledged to be fair to all Nigerians. He welcomed constructive criticism, stating, “We are here to listen, and if you observe any inadequacies in my government, let us know.”

Acknowledging past criticisms, including concerns about the size of his cabinet, Tinubu defended his approach, asserting that efficiency requires assigning manageable responsibilities. He emphasized the necessity of providing challenges that individuals can handle for Nigeria to experience growth. Tinubu concluded by affirming his commitment to fairness and the country’s development.

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