Defense Chief Demands Arrest of Simon Ekpa, Accuses Finland of Fomenting Unrest [Video]

by Ohepo Ohepo

Abuja, Nigeria – In a fiery interview with Channels TV Nigeria, Chief of Defense Staff General Christopher Musa called for the immediate arrest and prosecution of Simon Ekpa, a prominent separatist leader. General Musa accused the Finnish government of supporting Ekpa, whose actions, he claims, have led to significant unrest and violence in Nigeria.

“Simon Ekpa must be arrested by all means and prosecuted to the full extent of the law,” General Musa asserted during the live interview. “His actions have led to significant instability in our country, and it is imperative that he is brought to justice.”

General Musa highlighted that Ekpa’s activities have significantly contributed to the recent surge in violence in southeastern Nigeria. He stressed that Ekpa’s separatist rhetoric and calls for civil disobedience have exacerbated tensions and undermined government efforts to maintain peace and security.

The defense chief’s statement comes amid growing concerns about the impact of separatist movements on Nigeria’s stability. Ekpa, based in Finland, has been a vocal advocate for the secession of the southeastern region of Nigeria. His calls for civil disobedience and his influence over local insurgent groups have been blamed for a series of violent incidents, including attacks on security personnel and infrastructure.

General Musa’s allegations against the Finnish government add an international dimension to the issue, suggesting that foreign support may be enabling Ekpa’s activities. “The Finnish government must understand the gravity of their support for Simon Ekpa,” Musa stated. “This support is contributing to the violence and instability in Nigeria.”

The call for Ekpa’s arrest underscores the Nigerian government’s determination to clamp down on separatist movements and restore order in the affected regions. The situation remains tense, with the potential for further escalation if Ekpa’s influence is not curtailed.

This development is likely to strain Nigeria-Finland relations, as Nigeria seeks international cooperation to address what it views as external support for domestic insurgents. The Nigerian government has reiterated its commitment to maintaining national unity and stability, viewing the actions of Ekpa and his supporters as a direct threat to these objectives.

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