Bandits Are Now Linking Their Nos. To People’s NIN. See How To Remove Detect Yours

by J.J Olawuyi

Security Alert!

To check for any unfamiliar numbers associated with your National Identification Number (NIN), dial *996#. Use option 4 followed by option 2 as instructed by the prompts. Should you find any number not recognized as yours linked to your NIN, immediately remove it or contact your service provider to report the issue. Additionally, you can verify your NIN status by selecting option 4 and then option 1.

Be aware that there have been instances of unethical individuals within the NIN registration staff selling SIM cards already linked to others’ NINs. It’s crucial to ensure you’re not wrongfully implicated.

During a recent visit to the MTN office in Maitama, I encountered shocking revelations. A high-ranking security official friend explained the current trend of innocent individuals being implicated due to criminals attaching illicit SIMs to their NIN without their knowledge.

Prompt action is advised to rectify any discrepancies as the law does not consider ignorance a valid defense.

~ Concerned Citizens
Airlifted from Tosin Adeoti (FB)

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