Admiral Usman Jibrin (Retired ) Calls for Cancellation of Kogi Gubernatorial Election Whilst Contemplating Legal Action Against INEC Over Ballot Exclusion

by J.J Olawuyi

Admiral Usman Jibrin (Retired ) Calls for cancellation of Kogi Gubernatorial Election whilst contemplating Legal Action Against INEC Over Ballot Exclusion

12 Nov. 23 – Anyigba, Kogi State

In a surprising turn of events at the ongoing Kogi State gubernatorial election, Admiral Usman Jibrin, the governorship candidate of the Accord is contemplating legal action against the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) following the exclusion of his party’s name from the ballot paper.

The exclusion of the Accord from the ballot paper in most of the polling units has raised concerns about the fairness and transparency of the electoral process. Admiral Jibrin, a prominent figure in Kogi State, expressed his dissatisfaction with the situation, stating that the omission of his party’s name infringes on the democratic rights of the electorate and undermines the principles of a free and fair election.

Speaking at a press conference held earlier today, Admiral Jibrin said, “We are deeply disappointed by the decision of INEC to exclude the Accord from the ballot paper. This not only undermines the democratic process but also denies the people of Kogi State the opportunity to make an informed choice. We are left with no option but to call for the cancellation of election and explore legal avenues to address this injustice.”

Accord Party supporters and members have rallied behind Admiral Jibrin, expressing their solidarity and echoing his concerns about the alleged disenfranchisement. Social media has been abuzz with discussions, with many calling for a thorough investigation into the circumstances that led to the exclusion.

INEC, on the other hand, has not released an official statement regarding the matter. The electoral body is expected to address the issue promptly to provide clarity and maintain the integrity of the ongoing election.

Legal experts believe that if Admiral Jibrin decides to pursue legal action, the case could bring to light any procedural irregularities or oversights that may have occurred during the preparation of the ballot papers. The court could potentially order a review of the situation and take necessary corrective measures to ensure a level playing field for all participating political parties.

As the election continues to unfold, all eyes are now on Admiral Usman Jibrin and the Accord Party as they weigh their legal options. The outcome of this situation could have far-reaching implications not only for the ongoing Kogi State gubernatorial election but also for the broader discourse on electoral integrity in Nigeria.

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